Thursday, November 1, 2007


I thought I would share this Moth woman image..........I saw a lovely big butterfly photo on a blog by Zooms & it made me think of this painting. So I left her a message that I would post it. And here it is!

Image: "Night Moth " Acrylic on canvas with mixed media Original in private collection Giclees available


zooms said...

Christine, this is delightful, I especially like the reiteration of the image in her hair, the composition, the mystery, the background. Thank you.x

Christine DeCamp said...

Zooms: Thanks! I thought you might like this one.

tammy vitale said...

ooooooooooo - this is AMAZING!!!! Very....lunar....and exotic (the colors and the moth) and very very pleasing to something in me which is mesmerized!

Christine DeCamp said...

Tammy, I love these moths! I have had several encounters with them--they can be quite large (although not as big as I have made it in the painting!) They look kind of furry. Ain't nature grand?!