Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I am frantically preparing for the upcoming shows. (See sidebar) I feel like I haven't slept well in weeks & I am living & working amid the chaos of papers, boxes, artwork & everything else strewn around.

Several days ago I got an email from Tess Elliot, Managing Editor of the Point Reyes Light. She said, "I see that you will be part of the Celebration of Craftswomen event in San Francisco. We have a Celebrations section in the paper each week, and I thought it may be some nice free publicity as well as a nice way to be honored in the community to have your photo in there, with a paragraph about your work. If you're interested, just send a high-res photo, and a blurb about you... "

YIKES! I was already up to my ears. A couple of days went by & then I remembered--"I have to get something in to her & not let this opportunity pass by!

Of course, they wanted a people picture & I didn't have one--but I have my new digital camera (YAY!) & I thought--what the hell! Let's see what I can come up with. So I took a bunch of shots of me in front of a large painting--most of them looked like I should have a serial number on my chest, but I finally got one that looked acceptable. So I did a little blurb about the show & how long I have been doing it & what my work was, and emailed it in.

Here's my blurb:

"The Celebration of Craftswomen is celebrating its 29th year as the largest Women’s Fine Crafts Show in the US. Point Reyes painter Christine DeCamp has been participating in this event since 1991. Christine’s paintings are richly colored and intricately detailed visionary images that have roots in symbolism , mythology and storytelling. Our local West Marin landscape often serves as a backdrop to her tales. Christine will be at the Celebration of Craftswomen during the second weekend, which is Dec. 1 & 2 from 10 AM to 5PM. The show is held at Fort Mason in San Francisco.
Christine is also participating in Point Reyes Open Studios during Thanksgiving Weekend - Nov 23, 24 & 25 from 11AM -5PM and at the KPFA Crafts and Music Fair on Dec. 8 & 9 at the Concourse at 8th and Brannan in San Francisco"

Tess was kind enough to let me know that she had received it & was enthusiastic about the photo as well as the painting. So I am keeping my fingers crossed that it gets in next week's paper. Wish me luck!!!

Image: Photo of me in front of "Oxum, Queen of the Waters" acrylic and mixed media on canvas 40" x40" $4800.


indigomar said...

Hi Christine,
I have an free (relatively being an afternoon at home with laundry, sometimes the mundane is comforting) afternoon, so I spent some time looking at your blog. REALLY great stuff!! I love your bird book. I am a birder, and your books speak to me on that level, but also the imagery speaks to me on a mystical or dream-like level.
When I collage, paint non-ladscapes or doodle, birds show up.
Good luck with all thats coming up!

mary ann

Christine DeCamp said...

Hi Mary Ann,
Thanks for checking in! I had so much fun doing the bird book & it's a culmination of most of the "crow" related paintings I have done. I am an "unofficial" birder--have very strong connections with certain birds--esp. crows & owls.

indigomar said...

Yes, I have the same affiliation with crows and especially owls. Owls have been relevent for me since I was young, about 14. I can communicate with Barred Owls--not really talking but I can call them in. I'd love to have a pet crow! They're very smart.

tammy vitale said...

This is awesome - keep us posted on what happens with your blurb. I'm trying to remember the name of the artist that picture reminds me of...I'll have to think on it. Someone else who's work I love. =]

Christine DeCamp said...

Mary Ann,
I had a semi-tame crow that my roommate & I rescued when he fell out of the nest. (See my painting of "Clyde") He was wonderful. I should do a post about him.

It was so lovely to have someone email me & say "would you like some publicity?" for a change. But we'll see--they don't always put stuff in. If something better didn't show up before the deadline, maybe I'll make it in. (I'm keeping my fingers crossed) The paper comes out tomorrow, so I'll let you know what happens.


tammy vitale said...

Here's the artist: Betty LaDuke. I know about publicity - hey, they called you. That's most assuredly a step in the right direction! They're just angling for a good spot for when your art takes off and you're rich and famous - a little vision there.

gel said...

It's a delightful a treat to find another artist's blog from what I call "blog hopping." An added plus is you're an artist with a sense of humor. ("serial # on your chest" hahaha).

I enjoyed looking at your work, which is a very different style than mine. I like the strength, clean lines, and colors in your work. Christine, oh yes, much empathy during this busy time of year for we professional artists! Best wishes for fun while working all of these shows!