Wednesday, November 7, 2007


This blogging world is so interesting........I am amazed at the connections/similarities of paths taken/coincidences that appear. Andrea just visited my blog recently & when I looked at her work (she has lovely drawings and fiber arts), I saw some drawings for what she calls "Cocon Spirits" that look very much like some "Cocoon" paintings I have done. So I am posting them here for her enjoyment and yours as well.


Camplin said...

Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

ANDREA said...

Hello Christine, these are beautiful and mysterious. Makes you want to huddle in a cocon too. Internet and blogland brings together artist and their work and like Elizabeth, my big-draw friend, said: "and you can only marvel at the syncronicity of things" . There is so much connection.

ANDREA said...

P.S. I'm amazed by your love for detail and it shows that you paint lovingly:) So much to discover in these paintings, that I have to look at them repeatedly. Have a great creative day

Christine DeCamp said...

Todd--Warm & fuzzy is good, no? Especially this time of year. (Maybe not where you are?)

Andrea--Synchronicity--what a wonderful word! When I am seeing lots of evidence of this phenomenon in my life.......I know that I am on the right track! Thanks for your comments.

Both of you---I am currently on overload & will be visiting your blogs soon I hope to catch with what is going on!