Tuesday, October 14, 2008


"The Guardian" image came out of a guided meditation during a class with my teacher, Tamara Diaghilev, who I have mentioned in previous posts. The theme of the meditation was about connecting with your spirit guide, higher self--whatever you want to call it---that energy being that is you and yet bigger than you--a protector and a guide. During the meditation I "saw" clearly in my mind the image of the dark woman dressed in white. At the end of the session, I quickly sketched it in my journal. It wasn't til much later that I finally got around to painting it. And while I was working on it, the rest of the finished image developed--my self portrait, being "held" by her--and , in turn---aspects of my younger self being held by me. The two figures in the bubbles are myself at about 4 yrs. old and as a teenager in high school.

This original painting is acrylic on canvas and is in my private collection (where it is going to stay!) It's one of those important ones.

Saturday, October 4, 2008


The original of this painting was gouache on paper---I had it for a long time and I didn't think I would ever sell it, but it did sell (to another artist) and unfortunately, I don't have a record of where it went. (I'm not sure how I lost track of it, but if you own it, please email me & let me know)

It was one that documented a glimpse into the metaphysical world, and as often happens, it occurred around a very stressful time for me. The image is a rendition of a "vision" that was seen and reported to a close friend of mine as she was having a reading done of her own situation by a man who was a friend of hers & happened to be a dowser. I was seen as residing on her 12th Petal--a reference to how relationships with other people could be examined. I was in the "darkness" (because of the stress and grief I was experiencing at the time), but was slowly coming into the light. My friend's description of her session with the dowser, and what he said was so compelling to me that it immediately created a visual image in my mind--which is what became this painting.