Friday, January 29, 2010


I got to do the "last firing" in Jackie's kiln for awhile. Her studio is going into storage for a bit while she recovers from surgery and she and Jeremy look for a new place to live. I was able to do about twice as many pieces in the bisque firing as you can see here. Those are not all glazed yet, and will be in another firing sometime soon (I hope)
These were all handbuilt, using either Navajo Wheel or Hawaiian Red clay. The glaze firing is to Cone 5, and the glazes are a mixture of handmade and commercial glazes.
I will do some closeup photos of these as soon as I have a chance to take them. This has been January's work.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


These are some of the pieces I had at my Thanksgiving Open Studio. I was experimenting with a mixture of new commercially produced glazes and some glazes tha Jackie makes and uses on her work. Plus the red background you see in some of the tiles is the raw clay--no glaze.

I am planning to move forward with my ideas for tiles that will be used to make press molds, so that I can reproduce some of the better designs. I am excited about these possibilities and hope to start on that project after I finish work on the pieces that I am currently getting ready to fire. (See previous post)


I am on a roll here, working with ceramics. Jamming to get a kiln load ready to bisque before Jackie's kiln & studio gets put into storage for awhile. (It's a long story) These pieces are drying & will be ready to fire soon. They are all slab constructions--you can see a few of the molds stacked up on the table behind. These are hump molds that I made myself using bowls and platters that I liked the shapes of. I am getting back into the swing of things--remembering things I learned a long time ago--as well as learning new stuff. (Like making molds) It's FUN & I am jazzed to be doing it again. And I love this dark clay--I have been going back & forth between Navajo Wheel clay and Hawaiian Red clay. They are very similar in look, but have a different feel to them. I can't decide.
After they come off of the molds, they need to be trimmed & shaped a bit--then when they are more dry, I go over each piece thoroughly--scraping a bit and smoothing with a wet sponge. It's a labor of love. And I find tremendous satisfaction in seeing each piece develop--plus there is a sensuous aspect to working with clay that is irresistable.
The smaller pieces here are all shaped by hand--no molds.
I was planning to show some of the other pieces I did last year that I had at the Thanksgiving Open Studios--will save that for my next post.