Monday, November 5, 2007


There's less than 3 weeks before Point Reyes Open Studios--and so much left to do (nevermind cleaning the studio!) This time of year unfinished projects pile up on work spaces, & things (like the bills I was supposed to pay last week--OOPS) go by the wayside. I fantasize about maintaining a calm and ordered existence, but it seems my creative energy flow demands this crescendo of activity to some form of chaos, and then a regrouping, reordering and organizing phase. I'm making magnets, more cards (there's never enough!), tons of prints to mount , and still one original painting (above) to frame. As I produce more, it becomes more of a chore to do the finish work--framing, mounting, etc. It might be nice to have some help with this part of the business. Funny.......I just opened my fortune cookie from my Chinese takeout dinner (twice-cooked pork--Yum!) and it said "Focus on your long term goal. Don't hesitate to act now." So, as I think ahead to 2008, I will envision having that the meantime, I had better get busy.

Image: "Dance of Spring" Gouache on paper 19" x 15"


tammy vitale said...

I hate finish work too. And I'm doing it tonight for this weekend's show. And I, too, am going to find help in 08 for all the stuff I don't like to do. somewhere out there is a Virgo who is just dying to do the detail work. =]

melissa lanitis gregory said...

Hi Christine,
I got to your blog via Alyson Stanfield's site...I love your painting style. Actually, what got me to write was the photo of your dog...but I do love your work too! My work flow follows the same pattern: chaos to re-grouping. I wonder if this is necessary? I guess I kind of like it like that. Good luck getting ready for the open studios!

Leah said...

thanks so much for stopping by my blog! your artwork is gorgeous. i love your style and i'll definitely be back. :-)

Christine DeCamp said...

Thanks for stopping by! That Joey Baloney is a real charmer, let me tell you--perfectly irresistible. And a gigantic lap dog to boot!

You're a great inspiration--you are a Pollinator! Love your energy!