Friday, October 12, 2007


Beautiful, soft steady rain. Tree limbs are bending down with the weight of absorbed moisture. Tree trunks are clear and dark. Mosses and lichens are fluffing up. And the cows are having their babies! I saw two cow babies playing like puppies this morning! Play bow, jump! Chase....but in their funny stiff legged way--running like hobbyhorses. Mist is rising from the trees on the mountain and disappearing into the greyness of the sky. Looks like we'll have a green Thanksgiving. I am itching to paint, but am at work (my part time job) today.
Image: "Tree House" Gouache on paper by Christine DeCamp


tammy vitale said...

I love this tree. I want to live in a treet like this. Though not the same at all in image, the spirit of it reminds me of the great redwoods, where you *can* walk inside and live!

Christine DeCamp said...

Thanks, Tammy!
This image is a favorite of many people. The original was bought by Gordon Onslow Ford, who was a good friend of mine and a great supporter of my work. He was one of the Surrealist painters who fled Europe during WWII and came first to Mexico and then to the US. He passed away a few years ago (I still miss him!) at the age of 93 (I believe) and was still painting right before he died. I am very honored to have several pieces of my work in his collection.