Tuesday, October 2, 2007


I have been so busy....getting ready for upcoming shows, continuing to do Farmer's Markets, and working my part-time jobs. This time of year is catch-up time for the business side of my art. Updating my mailing list, getting an announcement printed, getting all the recent work photographed, scanned, CD'd, etc. It has become very complicated, but in the future I am going all digital, so that should streamline the process a little. And I am starting to use a real database for my mailing list---all of my updates are going on the new format. I won't have time to switch my whole list over before this mailout (I can't believe I have almost 1000 people on my old list!), so that is something I will work on in January when things are slow.

I was inspired by Judy Wise to make a journal in a hand made book format, and I have started on that project. Unfortunately, I still don't have a digital camera, so I can't post the visuals in progress yet. I have been looking at different cameras--still haven't decided what it is I need.

For my journal/book, I am using some paper I had on hand--140 lb. Arches watercolor paper--which is what I usually use to paint on in my gouache pictures. I am doing an accordian-type book, with front & back boards that are not connected, so it can be spread out for viewing. (We'll see--this is my first attempt at anything like this, so who knows? But so far I am having fun with it)Onward & upward! My intentions for the future are to stretch my boundaries on a regular basis & to have fun with it!
Image shown above: "Vegetable Heaven" Gouache on paper by Christine DeCamp

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