Thursday, October 18, 2007


Are you aware of the power of the act of painting? Sure, it feels good to be doing it, especially when the results turn out well---but what about its effects on the world around us? Hmmmm?

I just read a post on Tracy Helgeson's blog called "The One Where I See the Future", about adjusting an image of a barn in her painting, only to discover, that it was mirrored in the "real" world. Check it out here.

Here is my story about the same phenomenon: I was frantically working on the painting shown above, trying to finish it the week before my show at Thanksgiving. As I worked, I thought--"people are going to think it's a bit strange to see this big sea turtle image with the background of Tomales Bay (we don't have sea turtles here--the water is too cold) I managed to finish the painting and get it hung for the show.

The next issue of the Point Reyes Light (our local weekly paper) had a picture on the front page of a sea turtle coming out of Tomales Bay onto Shell Beach, on Thanksgiving Day! The guy who took the picture just happened to be someone who worked with Sea Turtle Rescue efforts, and just happened to have his camera! I couldn't believe it! The article went on to say that sea turtles are hardly EVER seen this far north blah blah blah..................insert the Twilight Zone theme song here.

You just never know............
Image: "Turtleback" gouache on paper by Christine DeCamp


Karen said...

Came to your blog via the comment on Lisa Calls. I see by your book list that we share likes. But amazingly I see that we also share a similar subject matter! your painting and my art quilt are like sisters! I did a similar one called I dreamed I lived on a sea turtles back. I find this all very cool.

Karen said...

after I posted the above comment it dawned on me that you might want to see it. I hope this link works. If not it is in the Oct. 2006 entry.

Christine DeCamp said...

Hi Karen! Thanks for stopping by. I love your sea turtle & lady quilt. It is really lovely. Those archetypal images make a strong connection through all of us, I think. I will go back & check out your blog when I have some more time. Christine

Camplin said...

I live on turtle island as well. I really enjoyed your work, thanks for visiting my blog. I had a fun read, thanks.