Sunday, October 21, 2007


The weather has been so beautiful here, with Fall coming in. I hadn't been to the beach with Joey (my St. Bernard) in a long time. So we headed out to Limantour Beach on Thursday, before the rain started up again. It was lovely out there...hardly anyone around. I was throwing a tennis ball for Joey, and we were making our way down the beach slowly.

I happened to notice a wine bottle sticking up out of the sand. I thought--"that's odd--I usually don't see glass bottles here". I pulled it out of the sand--it had a cork in it, and as I looked closer, it had something inside of it. It looked like money! The cork was stuck down in, and I had a hard time getting it open. I had to find a stick to get the rolled up paper out--and there was still a little red wine in the bottle, too. So when I got it out, and unrolled, it was a one dollar bill, and written around the edge on one end was "Dear Africa, Hope this helps. Love, Simon"

Nice thought/wrong ocean. It's been that kind of week.
Image: "Turtle" Gouache on paper by Christine DeCamp


Judy K said...

I visited your website and your paintings are beautiful!


ANDREA said...

Hi again, this is a sweet and funny story, wrong ocean:)
Your gouache (I suppose) is touching the "want to protect the earth" cord in me! Want to protect the eggs, and the turtle itself.
Your art is beautiful! :)

Christine DeCamp said...

Thanks, Andrea! Yes, I have that feeling for nature & animals--sometimes it makes it very difficult to function in this crazy world!