Thursday, January 10, 2008


Here is the wonderful little jewel of a painting that I received from Mary Ann in the Pay It Forward event. It was quite the bright spot in my day (week, month!) to get this package in the mail while I am in the midst of a major relocation/recreation of my studio. (Pics and post to come soon!) The painting is oil on canvas and is entitled "Rookery Path". I have not decided where it is going to be hung---in the meantime, it is residing on my altar, with my golden Buddha head, assorted bird feathers and other treasures. You can see a better picture of the painting here.

I hope that everyone is having a positive beginning to 2008. Mine has been a little rough, but is beginning to come together.

So now, I have to get going on MY "Pay it Forward" contributions--and, BY THE WAY........I still only have one person to PIF to--so, if you want to play--let me know! Send me a comment stating that you want to participate!

Daily quote from Abraham-Hicks:

"Be easy about this. Be playful about it. Don't work so hard at it. Let your dominant intent to be to feel good, and if you don't feel good, then let your dominant intent be to feel relief. Feel your way through it. If you think your way through it, you can get off on all kinds of tangents. If you feel your way through it, you can come quickly to your Core Energy, and when you do that only good can then flow to you."


indigomar said...

Love the quote, it was helpful today at work!
mary ann

zooms said...

Would love to see a photo of the painting on your altar Christine, I have an altar too, of sorts.x

TammyVitale said...

Ooooh, lucky you. What a gorgeous painting!

I get Abraham-Hicks and The Universe in my inbox daily - love both of them. They are so right on and lift up my day when I read them!

Thanks for stopping by! Hope your year smooths out.