Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I am looking forward to 2008. And my wish is to stay centered and float gently along towards January, which, in the last few years, has become a quiet creative time spent in the studio. How I love that! It is especially welcome after the extreme extroversion of doing many shows leading up to and during the holidays. I have quite a few pieces that are already begun, and had been set aside when I had to concentrate on doing all the finish work: getting slides and scans done, framing originals, having prints made, making the small versions (cards, magnets, etc.) and then the actual show preparations of updating the mailing list, planning the announcements and all of that. In fact, I still have an original painting from late summer that I never did get framed for the previous shows. I'll have it at my Open House---tentatively planned for sometime in February.
I like having something that's already in progress to work on when I start back into the studio after doing other things. Somehow it seems easier to get going than starting a piece from scratch, unless I have one of those burning desire ideas that's screaming to come out & practically paints itself!
Alyson has a lovely process which she talks about in her Art Biz Coach.com newsletter---she is taking time on this Thursday morning to go over, list & CELEBRATE her accomplishments of the past year, and has invited others to join in. She offers a list of questions and guidelines to help you formulate your list. I am going to join in on this process--it seems to be a very positive and useful practice!
So here's a toast to all my artist friends--acknowledge your past year's progress, and may you be abundantly creative and prosperous in 2008!
Image: "Floating" original gouache on paper (sold) Giclee prints available


Anonymous said...

Floating in the New Year - artwork - Nicely done!

John Calypso

zooms said...

I love this picture, it makes me feel serene, congratulations on all your acheivements this year Christine, Alyson will need a whole page on her blog just for you.

Christine DeCamp said...

Thanks, John, for visiting. I was in Veracruz YEARS ago--would love to go back to Mexico--I felt very at home there.

Hi Zooms--Thanks for your good wishes. I just did my "list of accomplishments" on Alyson's blog--and I did take up a lot of space! It has been a really fruitful year for me...lots of changes & challenges, but also lots more art being made, & more "getting out there"---thanks for your support & encouragement!!!

TammyVitale said...

Great thoughts for the new year - I've got Alyson's blog on that particular post saved and planned to do it this week between Christmas and New Year's but think that may not happen...do want to do it though. Best wishes for your new year!

indigomar said...

hi chrisine,
i like this picture, i agree with zooms, it does feel serene.
i looked at alyson's site, good stuff!! i'm now a subscriber.
it's true about the quiet of january, especially here where it is snowy which can lead to snowed in which is quite conducive to working in the studio. the flip side for me as a high school teacher, is it is also the semester change with new classes starting, old ones ending...work gets hectic. c'est la vie!

zooms said...

there is something for you over at my blog Christine x