Monday, December 3, 2007


I participated in the second weekend of the Celebration of Craftswomen again this year. I had a good show---saw lots of familiar faces: returning customers, fellow artists, and met some new people, too! Had a great time talking with everyone and I am exhausted. I have to prepare for next weekend, but I thought I would share a few photos for those of you who couldn't be there.


indigomar said...

Hi Christine,
It sounds like you've been busy, good busy! Interaction in the Open House setting is so energizing (but physically exhausting, too!)
I visited your website and absolutely love it. It is designed beautifully! It seems symbiotic with your work, which by the way, I showed to a student today for inspiration.
Your work reminds me a bit of an artist's work who is linked to my blog: Donna Iona Drozda. The two of you share a like spirit in you work.

TammyV said...

Christine - what a great booth! Reminded me that I need a good sign. Glad it was fun - and I agree, shows are always exhausting too! But a good exhausting!

TammyV said...

p.s. Ha! I FINALLY got my blogger google account to work!

zooms said...

Fantastic, but presumably you are able to use your magic into extending your day and are not limited to the 24hours that we lesser mortals get to play with.
I don't know how you do it but I love what you do.x

Christine DeCamp said...

Mary Ann,
Thanks for the compliment on my website. It took me a long time to find the right person...but Tony did a fabulous job & was delightful to work with. I will check out Donna's work as soon as I have some time!
I have another sign that you can't see in these's a giclee on canvas with a different image on each side & my name underneath. It hangs up high, sticking out into the aisle---very handy at shows like this (also at the farmer's markets) where people are coming down a crowded aisle--they can see it from a distance.

One does what one has to do. I am fried at this point--left my hammer & bolts for my booth at Fort Mason (I discoverd yesterday) and had to go out & buy more for tomorrow's setup. Such is life. At least I realized it BEFORE I got to KPFA!!! I wouldn't recommend this to anyone as a way of life........but if you are trying to make a living selling your work, you have to take advantage of shows that work--so there you have it.
On to the next show! Thanks for commenting, all!