Saturday, January 26, 2008


I guess I'm about halfway there.........but have started doing some painting, because I can't take the unpacking and arranging anymore. The photos don't really give much of a sense of the feeling of spaciousness here, which is mostly due to the high ceilings. I am located in a building which is also the town's only gas station, and the view out my lovely double doors is of the gas pumps, which is a little odd.............but in a rural area like this which is also a major tourist attraction, one is fortunate to find a good studio space, no matter what the setting might be.
I have more unpacking to do, and need to find some suitable storage system for art supplies. I have set a date for my new studio "Open House"--which will be the last Sunday in Feb (the 24th) and by that time, things will be a bit more together here. Don't know what I will have finished of new work (if any) and will probably not be stocked with cards at the rate I'm going, but it will be a celebration of a new beginning for me, and I think that it's important to acknowledge these thresholds, whether one is "prepared" in a business sense or not.
So I raise my glass in a toast to all my artist friends...........may 2008 bless us all with unlimited creativity and the will and energy to make it manifest!


ANDREA said...

Hi Christine, I haven't visited you for a long time, it's time to catch up with all your activities, a move of a studio? Oh my I know how drainging moving can be, and in winter! You are very brave and your new space seems perfect! I envy you for all this space:) Hope you are feeling better right now and that you creative activities are newborn and energetic. Love the path and Joey!

indigomar said...

Congrats on the move to the new studio! It looks great so far and I look forward to seeing the settled in pics. We're thinking of buildin a barn on our property with a studio space on top this year.
good luck and enjoy your space!
mary ann

Christine DeCamp said...

Andrea--nice to hear from you. I am due to catch up with you, as well. The move was due to necessity, rather than choice, but like many situations in my life, it is turning out to be a positive change.
Mary Ann,
Thanks for the good wishes. I would love to have a studio in a barn--that sounds wonderful!

zooms said...

This is lovely, thank you for giving us the opportunity to 'snoop', in a nice way, "oh look she has one of those pencil sharpeners that I always wanted and T do you think you could make me a paper roll holder when I find somewhere to get the paper from, I need carpet, that is what my space is missing, oh and an easel, look you can make one like that" and so it goes. I am glad for you to have this space and when we win the lotto, I hope my two favourite paintings are still in your studio.
Glad that you are back in blogland Christine and blessings for your 'open house'. xxx

TammyVitale said...

This is gorgeous! And you have to have a big space - look at the size of that dog! Who takes whom walking?! What a beauty and I'll bet a wonderful companion. I am glad necessity has taken you to a lovely new home.

Christine DeCamp said...

OK Zooms--now I want to know which are your "2 favorite paintings"! Most everything here is scraped together with stuff that was left over from construction projects (from friends) or otherwise recycled. The "paper dispenser" is made from some aluminum(?) tubing for electrical wiring. Stuck in 2 wood pieces (2 x 4's) drilled to hold the tubing & screwed into the work table with L brackets.My friend Barry, who was my first roommate when I moved to SF back in 1981 (eons ago) was a carpenter & helped me make this work table---I have been dragging it around ever since ( and changing it to fit the space)Originally, it only had two legs & was built into a wall.My paper roll "butcher paper" I get from Costco & I got the pencil sharpener from Staples--I tried a different one (more modern), but it didn't work very well.The easel I borrowed from a friend--I never had an easel until about a year ago--I just propped my canvas up against the wall on a little table.So I am quite used to dealing with what I have or can find cheaply!

Tammy--yes, Joey (my dog) is a very big boy, but has no concept of his size! He is very afraid of wind, and with our recent storms has been crawling in bed with me--unfortunately, I would need a king size bed to accomadate him, so it's a bit uncomfortable!