Monday, June 30, 2008


This is a painting you won't see on my website (or anywhere else for that matter) Again, it is an older piece, dated 1991, and the creation of the image was influenced by a combination of personal circumstance and visionary imagery. The background is Northwestern Pennsylvania, where I grew up. It is a self-portrait of sorts, and was inspired by several things, including a painting by Frida Kahlo. The overall feeling of the piece is (to me) "triumph over adversity". The little harlequin image doing a handstand seems to be my inner playful being. I am not sure about the fox......but he has appeared in another painting more recently. Beading circles the border, which is filled with morning glories. This painting remains in my personal collection.


linda said...

I loved looking at your past works...they evoke an emotional response. And I really like your use of color as well as subjects. I think you must be an animal lover :)

glad I stopped by!

zooms said...

I am really enjoying hearing and seeing your stories Christine. I am stuck in a big gooey hole of lethargy at the moment and reach for your posts as my creative life line.