Tuesday, June 3, 2008


It's been one of those days of doing a little of this and that--I fixed my director's chair which I use at shows--the footrest broke last weekend while I was at the Oakland Farmer's market. I had to go to the bank & redeposit a check that didn't clear. And I went and voted--not much action at the polls. I cleaned up the studio a little---I just bought and put together a new bookcase, so I could clear out some more boxes and try to get organized here! So I got rid of the packing stuff. I worked on 2 paintings and I worked in my "garden" (pictured above) which is actually a porch overlooking the gas pumps of the gas station where my studio is located. So I have things in pots and some plants in hanging pots & amazingly enough, they are all really doing well. (Guess they like the gas fumes!) I had bought a couple of new plants, so I put those in the larger pots, and did some trimming and watering & a little reorganizing out there as well. I have a hose hanger I want to put up--decided where it is to go (but didn't get that part done). All in all, a fairly satisfying day as far as accomplishments go.

Weather today in Point Reyes: Socked in drippy fog this morning, but not too cold. The sun came out about 11 AM and it was quite nice until the wind came up. Now(5:30 PM) it is very windy, there is still a bit of sun, but the fog is looming on the horizon.
Images: Top--Looking down the porch "garden"-my front door is on the left.
Middle-Bench with variegated geraniums & primroses
Bottom-Pot with Arctic Summer plant (I love that name!) surrounded by Petunias

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