Thursday, March 31, 2011


And it's about time. Thought we were going to float away last week. High winds, torrential rain, hail, thunder & lightning--it was all pretty crazy. We came close to having flooding and there were a few significant mudslides. But now things are drying up, the sun is shining & all of a sudden it's WARM out there. Amazing. WHAT DO YOU CONTRIBUTE? Sometimes we think that what we have to offer is not significant. There are so many huge issues and desperate needs in the world. And maybe your special talents and gifts don't address those particular needs. No matter. Your unique light was meant to shine brightly and be shared. It is not our job to be critics of our own talents---those gifts are meant to be expressed, created, acted out, sung and danced to. Whatever your special talent is---- I encourage you to share it with the world. Image: "Dance of Spring"

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