Friday, October 16, 2009


Well, maybe I shouldn't say "New Directions"--I have done ceramics off & on since the 1970's. But it had been AWHILE--like since 1997. YIKES. And I missed doing it, but I didn't realize how much I missed it until I started again. (Funny how that works) And the most interesting thing to me is remembering how the ceramics and the painting complemented each other & bounced off of each other---& what an incredibly fertile time it was, when I was doing both at the same time. And now that is coming back--how wonderful!!! It feels just right.
And I will be debuting my new pieces (whatever I can get finished) at my Open Studios on Thanksgiving weekend. (That will be the Fri.-Sun weekend of Thanksgiving from 11-5 at my studio in Pt. Reyes Station) After that, I will be adding ceramics to the rest of my display at the Farmer's Markets.
The pieces pictured above are all hand made in either Navajo Wheel or Hawaiian Red clay---fired to cone 5 and glazed with blue and green cone 5 glazes in an electric kiln. Some of the raw clay is left between the glazed areas. I love that look & feel.
I am experimenting a lot, so it's hard to say what you might see in the upcoming months. Come by & check it out!

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