Thursday, January 22, 2009


I can't believe that this is my first post of 2009. It has been a busy month. However, NOW it REALLY feels like New Year's to me--a brand new world and a clean slate. I am immersed in Inaugural Bliss!

And to honor this New Beginning, I am presenting a fabulous offer from now through Feb 14:

40% off all Limited Edition Giclee Prints I have in stock!

These are my beautiful large size (11' x 14'' image size) giclee prints--created with archival inks and printed on watercolor paper. Regularly priced at $124 each--for this limited time I am offering these at only $75 each. There is only one print of each image in stock, so order quickly for your best selection.

To see the selection of what is available go here.

Click on each image to enlarge, see the title and description of each print.

This is your chance to have one of my beautiful large format prints at an incredible price.

Here's how to order:

Call me at 415-663-9646 or

Email me at or

leave your order in the comments section below.




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Anonymous said...

yea!!!!! happy new president and first family all brilliant and full of energy and heart!! i love the photo of you and joey, it is beautiful. i hope we get to meet joey sometime and see you again and your new studio christine. happy new year. we are back in chicago again with philip's p's. but the PRESIDENT OBAMA ENERGY HERE IS ELECTRIC!!!! so we are glad to be a small part of that. lots of love. cathy and philip