Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I have started a list of "Books that Inspire"--these are books that I have read more than once---some of them many, many times. They are the books I go back to--"Old Friends" that help to keep me on track. I tend to prefer autobiographical works---I like to hear it right from the artist's mouth! I will add to this list as I think of books that I want to share, or that I feel are important.......and my thought is, that I will write a review of each of them as part of my ongoing blog. Hope you enjoy them!

I just want to share that I am starting an online class tomorrow with Alyson Stanfield of ArtBizCoach.com---the subject is promoting your artwork, and there are quite a few people signed up--all different kinds of artists from all over the country. I am very excited about it! If you have not done so already--check out her website!
Image: "The Magic Book" by Christine DeCamp--Gouache on paper

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