Saturday, April 24, 2010


Mill Station Ceramics Studio in Sebastopol

Making Tiles with Press Molds

My front porch studio in Pt. Reyes Station

8 Tiles in wet clay

Closeup of Quail Tile

Closeup of Pear Tile
A big THANKS to Laurie Curtis for the photos of me working on the porch

So much is happening I can barely keep up. With my changing situation regarding doing ceramics (no place to fire) I have spent a lot of time looking for something that will work and allow me to continue in clay. (I'm just really getting back into the swing of it--and loving it) I tried using a firing service and didn't have a good experience so I have decided to bite the bullet and take advantage of an opportunity that came my way.

I just joined up with a co-operative studio space in Sebastopol called Mill Station Ceramics Studio. We currently have four artists involved and are undergoing a reorganization, since several people left & there are 2 of us new people. I will reveal more in a later post.
And--most exciting for me--I have bought my own kiln and it is being hooked up at the studio this weekend---so no more problems for me getting things fired!

Another thing I have been working on is tiles and making molds. I am working out the process and have made 4 pretty successful molds and now have 8 tiles in wet clay that are drying and hopefully will be part of my first bisque firing in the new kiln!


cathyceil said...

how exciting christine. new beginnings, over and over again. the tile's look fab. can't wait to see them sometime in person. congrats on getting your own kiln. wow, that is fantastic. xooxoxox cathy

Cheryl said...

The tiles look great, Christine!