Monday, July 28, 2008


Here is my piece for this year's Box Show event at Gallery Route One, here in Point Reyes. GRO (as it is affectionately called) is a part co-op, part non-profit gallery that has been in existence for 25 years. I was a member there for about 5 years, beginning when I lived in San Francisco. In fact, becoming a member of GRO is what got me to move out here and was probably the best thing that happened from it! The gallery started doing The Box Show 10 years ago as a fundraiser and it has been a big success and is probably their most attended show of the year. Over 100 artists participate each year. Boxes are given out about 6 weeks before the show and must be included in the final piece. It's really fun to see what people come up with! (All kinds of crazy stuff!) The exhibition is a silent auction and runs for 7 weeks---silent auction bids start at $25. for any piece. On the closing day--the auction goes live and the gallery is packed with people. You can call the gallery to place a bid on someone's piece. All the proceeds go to Gallery Route One. If you want to call and bid on my piece "Black Mountain Mystery" the phone number for the gallery is 415-663-1347.

"Black Mountain Mystery" Mixed Media piece. Wood, papier mache, moss, feathers. beads, plastic deer, coyote skull, ceocropia moth, hummingbird, acrylic paint

Top Image: Exterior shot
Bottom Image: Interior shot

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zooms said...

Having just read Barbara Kingsolver's
wonderful book "Prodigal Summer," I think you should invite her to put in a bid. I love this, where did you find the coyote skull? From our virtual world I wish you all the best with the show.