Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Wow! Where has this month gone? I have been completely overwhelmed, and yet--I have been still getting some painting done. (Yay!)

So what have I been doing? If you have been reading this blog a bit, you already know about the controversial plans of the National Park Service to exterminate the non native deer that have resided here for almost a century. Anthony DeNicola, of White Buffalo, Inc. is the park's hit man for these beautiful defenseless creatures. The reality of their mission and methods is inhumane and so unbelieveably horrible, that it's difficult to even contemplate the National Park Service (Protecting our wildlife????!!) being a party to it. Want the details? Google Anthony DeNicola and White Buffalo, Inc. & you will find plenty to read--both the sanitized self-publicity about what an inteligent accomplished "nature lover" he is, and the testimonials from citizens all over the US, who are trying to stop the slaughter of wildlife that is literally happening in their backyards.

Enough. The photos above show our "Wailing Wall" that was created for the deer. We have the first version with the banner (erected in the dead of night by myself & Kathy R.), which was subsequently censored. And we have the second version, with the deer images above. We have had many positive comments and thanks from community members for DOING SOMETING and SPEAKING OUT.

That is all I'm going to say about that--the next post is going to be about PAINTING.


Pagan Sphinx said...

I'm so glad you and your neighbors are actively involved in the struggle to help your beloved deer. I support you all the way! If something like that were happening on that scale around here, I would be doing the same thing. Good for you!

Christine DeCamp said...

Dear Pagan Sphinx,
Thanks for stopping in! This issue has overtaken my already busyy life a bit & I have not been blogging much. Time to take a break & get back into my art life & communication again!